8 DIY Projects With Your Electric Drill

In several DIY shops, you can see that people are using the electric drill tremendously. Whether it is about installing the new cabinet or making any plant holders, DIYers will require the electric drill to accomplish the job. So the project that you can take and complete with the help of electric drill are stated below.


DIY Book Shelf with your drill

DIY Book Shelf with your drill

DIYers can easily make a bookshelf that has a simple construction with the help of an electric drill. Building a bookshelf with 8-foot height is very easy, so all you need is some screws. You will have to make three sections, each having 1*4 cuts and the height will be 2.5 feet. To complete the construction, you will have to attach all the trimmed pieces where the book will rest. Put the shelf in the desired location, and you can also use some paint to make the bookshelf look good.

Blanket Ladder

With the help of reclaimed lumber or 2*4s, anyone can easily make a blanket ladder for hanging all their blankets. Depending on the space that you have, you will have to construct the ladder. Do not make the pilot hole by drilling as it will cause splitting. Always join the ladder with the help of two screws with that of the cross pieces. Make sure you are putting the ladder in an angle against the wall to prevent it from sliding or slipping.

Kitchen Remodel

You can quickly renovate a kitchen by replacing the older cabinet hardware with that of kitchen remodel. Firstly, you will have to remove all the old hardware like knobs or pulls. In the preexisting drill or hole, you can easily fit any new device with the help of screws. If you are using newly drilled holes, then ensure that the previous ones are appropriately closed if they are not used.

Plant Holders

You will have to use five wooden pieces and some screw for building the plant holders out of wood. First, you will have to drill the pilot holes on every corner of the wooden end square pieces. Now take two rectangular board each having equal length and attached them. Depending on your requirements, you will have to adjust the plant holder’s size. Anyone can also paint it, or you can use some decoratives is to make it look fancier.

Candle Holders

The candle holder is one of the most natural things that you can make with the help of an electric drill. You will have to take a wooden piece and drill it with a specific diameter hole. Depending on your preference, you can select the size of the wood but ensure that it must be big enough to fit any candle inside it. Use a protective finish and paint for finishing the project.

Coat Rack

Coat Rack DIY with your Electric Drill

Coat Rack DIY with your Electric Drill

With the help of an electric drill, you can make a coat rack. Use the lumber cut for sizing purposes and install it with the help of hooks. To avoid the exposure of patchwork, you can install the screws behind the other hooks.

New Cabinets

A new cabinet can enhance the appearance of a room. Create a pilot hole by drilling a wood. DIYers can easily install new cabinets with the help of drill and screwdriver. Use lumber for supporting the cabinet that has a height of near about 54 inches.

Wood Doormat

It is effortless to make a wooden doormat. All you need to do is purchase the 1*3 pieces of the trim and then cut into a length of 1 foot. DIYers can use more extensive trim and drill two holes on each side of the trim. When you are creating the hole, it should be spaced evenly and must be in the exact location. After drilling the holes, you will have to use a rope piece and string it through the sections for tying the end. You can also apply the stains for making it look more engaging.


These are all the 8 DIY projects which anyone can start and complete it with the help of the versatile electric drill. Ensure that you are saving your time by sharpening the bits of the drill. DIYers can complete the task in less time if they have a sharp electric drill.